Taxi, Limo, and Rideshare Travel

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Taxi, Limo, and Rideshare Travel

Instead of trying to hail a taxi on the street, phone one of the many taxi companies. The Curb Taxi app allows for online hailing of L.A. taxis. The metered rate is $2.70 per mile, plus a $2.85 per-fare charge. Taxi rides from LAX have an additional $4 surcharge. Be aware that distances are greater than they might appear on the map so fares add up quickly.

On the other end of the price spectrum, limousines come equipped with everything from full bars to nightclub-style sound-and-light systems. Most charge by the hour, minimum hours sometimes required.

Request a ride using apps like Lyft, and a driver will usually arrive within minutes. Fares increase during busy times, but it's often the most affordable option, especially for the convenience.

Limo Companies

Apex Limo. 818/637–2277; 877/427–1777;

Dav El Chauffeured Transportation Network. 800/922–0343;

First Class Limousine Service. 800/400–9771;

Wilshire Limousine Services. 888/813–8420;

Taxi Companies

Beverly Hills Cab Co.. 800/273–6611;

Independent Cab Co.. 800/521–8294;

LA Checker Cab. 800/300–5007;

United Independent Taxi. 800/822–8294; 323/207–8294;

Yellow Cab Los Angeles. 424/222–2222;


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