Hours of Operation

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Hours of Operation

Los Angeles is not a 24-hour city like New York, but in many places business hours extend well into the evening, especially for bigger stores and shopping centers. On Monday, many bars, restaurants, and shops (including outdoor sports outlets) remain closed.

Many L.A. museums are closed on Monday and major holidays. A few of the preeminent art museums, including the Norton Simon and Los Angeles County Museum of Art, stay open on Monday. Instead, the Norton Simon is closed Tuesday, the Los Angeles County museum on Wednesday. Most museums close around 5 or 6 pm, staying open late at least one night a week. Many museums, large and small, have weekly or monthly free days or hours when no admission is charged.

Most stores in Los Angeles are open 10 to 6, although many stay open until 9 pm or later, particularly those in shopping malls, trendy areas such as Melrose Avenue, and in Santa Monica. Most shops are open on Sunday, though they may have earlier hours.


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