Experience some of Europe's most scenic vistas on this journey combining the beautiful Swiss Alps with Italy's glorious Lakes District. Soak up the stunning scenery and natural landscapes of the region, along with unique cities.
Starting at $9295.00+

Cruise the Danube for seven nights, sampling the history and culture of fi e countries. Visit a centuries-old castle, tour an underground bunker from World War II and attend an electrifying concert for a magical evening in Vienna.
Starting at $7995.00+

Experience all the charm and magic of Italy’s elegant northern provinces, from exquisite food and wine to unique landscapes and cultures to some of the country's most distinguished cities.
Starting at $7495.00+

Explore the jewels of Northern Europe aboard Silver Cloud – the world’s most beautiful ultra-luxury expedition ship. Starting with an in depth exploration of the Arctic – looking out for Polar Bears, Bowhead whales and a plethora of seabirds at every opportunity – enjoy the powerful, raw beauty of the Svalbard’s northern and southern regions.…
Starting at $25300.00+

Call it kismet, call it destiny but few people who fantasise about world travel are lucky enough to experience a voyage as rich, or as remote, as this. Crossing the tropics of Capricorn to Cancer, you’ll go from snorkelling in gin-clear waters and experiencing the land divers of Pentecost Island and the Fire Dancers of…
Starting at $56200.00+

Exploring the secrets of the world is not a task for an ordinary cruise – especially when the secrets are about uncharted wonders, extreme latitudes, and entire months with no time for boredom. It is the “The Uncharted World”, and in 2022 it will be explored by the first Expedition World Cruise in history: the…
Starting at $159000.00+

Calling all explorers! Embark on a Grand Voyage of spectacular proportions. Begin by heading to Antarctica for its spectacular icebergs and unforgettable experiences. Then, we travel onward through Chile and its fabled fjords toward the magnetic pull of Easter Island. UNESCO World Heritage sites – and sights – abound: the magnificent Moai, the historic quarter…
Starting at $66500.00+

The Iberian influence on this voyage is everywhere. Departing from Barcelona, discover the islands and mainland of this lesser known region as you sail to Dakar. Tick off iconic destinations such as Palma, Malaga and Lisbon, enjoying an overnight in Cadiz along the way. The head south to the sun-kissed Canaries. Two days at sea…
Starting at $11400.00+

Embark on a wonderful journey through the South Pacific Islands. Experience these volcanic lands, surrounded by crystal-clear seawaters, on the other side of the world. Beginning with Papua New Guinea, you’ll be amazed by the tribal traditions that remain alive and intact. Travel to Solomon Islands with their startling scenery. Discover and admire Fiji’s dreamy…
Starting at $23700.00+