San Isidro

While strolling through the ancient olive grove of Parque El Olívar, you might be surprised by the light traffic and pastoral ambience. But just a few blocks away, you'll find the busy boulevards of Camino Real or Avenida Arequipa, which serve as reminders that San Isidro also holds the offices of the country's largest companies and banks, as well as most foreign embassies. It also has some of the city's best hotels and restaurants, so you are bound to spend some time here. However, San Isidro's only real tourist attraction is the Huaca Huallamarca, where you can clamor atop the ruins of a pre-Columbian temple.

Like nearby Miraflores, San Isidro is big on shopping, though more of its boutiques sell designer goods. Its bars serve up the latest cocktails, and its restaurants dish out cuisine from around the world, but it has a more subdued atmosphere than you'll find in the other neighborhoods.


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